Bus Rapid Transit Case Studies:

New BRT data shows cities’ increased commitment to sustainable transport (July 14, 2014 – Data about BRT and the increased use of Public Transportation)

4 Ways Cities Benefit from Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) (December 10, 2013 – Article describing ways that cities may benefit from BRT)

The Commute of the Future (September 28, 2012 – Article about how Public Transit is changing, gearing towards the future)


Millennials, Boomers, and Shifting Transportation Preferences:

Dramatic Shift Away from Driving Continues in California (March 17, 2014 – Article describing the decrease in individual transportation leading to the increase of public transportation)

Use of Public Transit in U.S. Reaches Highest Level Since 1956 (March 10, 2014 – Article describing the shift in gears toward public transportation)

Why Aren’t Younger Americans Driving Anymore? (April 22, 2013 – A study describing why young Americans aren’t driving as much as before)


Auto Dependency and Traffic Congestion:

Study: Bay Area Traffic Second-Worst in Nation (June 5, 2014 – A study describing how traffic in the Bay Area is curently the second-worst traffic in the nation)

Silicon Valley More Car Addicted than L.A., Year After Year (March 17, 2014 – A study describing the Silicon Valley’s dependency on personal vehicle

New Ranking of Transit Systems (April 26, 2012 – A study that lists the rankings of the top Transit Systems)

Public Health and Safety:

Community Health Existing Conditions Report (May 2013 – A report by Santa Clara County’s Department of Planning and Development Planning Office)

Air Pollution a Leading Cause of Cancer  (October 17, 2013 – An article by the U.N. agency describing the negative effects of Air Pollution)

What Happens When a Town Puts People Before Cars? (August 20, 2013 – An article describing the diffiulties of implementing proper traffic infrastructure and protocols)


Environment and Climate Change:

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Match (July 19, 2012 – Rolling Stone article describing Global Warming and its potential causes and concerns)

Greenhouse Effect: CO2 Concentrations Set to Hit Record High of 400 PPM (May 2, 2013 – Time Magazine article about the seriousness of Greenhouse Gases)

Unraveling Ties to Petroleum: How Policy Drives California’s Demand for Oil (June 20, 2013 – Publication by UCLA describing the correlation between Petroleum use and California Policy)



Public Transit is Worth Way More to a City Than You Might Think (August 14, 2013 – An article giving light on costs of Public Transit)

HealthLine Drives Growth in Cleveland (July 13, 2012 – An article describing how Public Transit helped drive growth in Cleveland)

Transportation Boosts Cost of Living in Suburbs (February 29, 2012 – SF Gate article describing how expensive Transit costs can be for users)

Bus Rapid Transit Spurs Development Better Than Light Rail Or Streetcars (September 15, 2013 – Forbes article describing some benefits of using Bus Rapid Transit)







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